Stephanie Britt

Red Matrix, 2020
Oil on Canvas
24 x 30 in (60.96 x 76.20 cm)
A little background on the term “matrix” — Webster’s defines a matrix as something from which something else originates. (Also a rectangular array of mathematical elements that can be combined to form products with similar arrays.) Similar to matrixes, Fractals are things that are found to contain a complete image of itself, both inside and outside of it’s own complete form. Fractals appear in nature all the time - in seashells, fern fronds, etc. I can’t help thinking that Fractals and Matrixes must be related to “Fibonacci Sequences”, defined as a linear difference equation, each component being a sum of the two preceding ones. Jackson Pollack’s work was said to have contained fractals, and some observers of my work have noticed the occurrences of Fibonacci sequence. Just sayin…. Lastly, I think it is very cool that Iron (red) oxide is what makes the Southwestern rock formations so beautiful, and interestingly, the pigment in the oil paint that I used to create the paintings is literally (essentially) from the very rocks that I painted! (thus, the matrix reference).
Red Matrix by Stephanie Britt
Red Matrix by Stephanie Britt
Red Matrix by Stephanie Britt
Red Matrix by Stephanie Britt

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