"Nature" by Lydia Hesse

Lydia Hesse is a self taught painter who grew up in the artistic community of Taos, New Mexico. 



Exhibition notes by the artist:


"Each portrait has an inherent connection to nature – whether it’s through anthropomorphic qualities or a feathered companion. This element is symbolic of the quietness and peaceful state we must achieve in order to truly commune with nature. They are fixed moments of simplicity, it’s as undemanding as that.


Nature has long been a central theme in art and literature, and in the art of alchemy, it is often a symbol of transformation and renewal. However, despite the longstanding human fascination with the natural world, there is a growing sense of disconnection between humans and nature, driven by factors such as urbanization, industrialization, and the rise of digital technologies. This exhibit, ‘Nature’, is a celebration of the transformative power/magic of the natural world. These pieces  explore the intricate interplay between nature and human creativity, of humans’ connection to nature and the ways in which we have lost touch with that vital connection. The works on display invite viewers to reflect on the enduring importance of the natural world, their own relationship with it, and how we might see to re-establish the sense of cohesion and harmony that once existed between people and nature. And to consider the ways in which the world around us can inspire and uplift us in unexpected simple moments if we only stop, reflect, and remember that we don’t just live on the earth, but we are intrinsically part of it."